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Past Works

Here are some of the projects that we have done and/or still working on.


Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Platform for Indonesian K-12 inspired by our passions to bring affordable high-quality education to all Indonesians.

1. Lecture videos
2. Computer-generated exercise that are unique between students

Planned features:
1. Video analytics to improve lecture quality
2. Self-host support to serve the application in areas without Internet connection (i.e. rural areas)

1. Internet quota is still pricey in many parts of Indonesia
2. Application has to also work well in low-end devices in order to reach under-developed areas

Realtime Forex
Realtime Forex
Realtime Forex

Real Time Forex Toolkit

Online foreign-exchange toolkit featuring:
1. Realtime Currency Update
2. Android/iPhone push notifications via Telegram:
   a. When rates exceed certain thresholds.
   a. When rates changed abruptly.

This application is used by forex investors to help with their trading. With realtime data and push notifications, traders no longer need to periodically checking their phones to observer price changes. Our system notifies the trader what they need to know.

Realtime Forex
Realtime Forex


Online shops with content management system.

Realtime Forex
Realtime Forex
Realtime Forex

SMS-based Monitoring System

This web application was meant to be integrated with electrical monitoring system. When there is a circuit trips or unintended behavior, the system notifies our client via text-message. Our client can also control the system (i.e. closing/opening the electrical circuit) by sending text-message.

This was a solution we develop for areas where Internet coverage was not very good.

Realtime Forex

Accounting System

Connect the different departments of textile factory. Allow easy monitoring of incoming/outgoing stocks of thousands of items daily.

Realtime Forex